24 days and counting…

I had another appointment at the hospital this morning. I was due to have the plaster cast that I had been wearing since my operation last Monday removed. The consultant – the one who performed the operation – removed the cast, and accompanying sticky plasters that had been holding it place, before checking his handiwork. He took a step back, rubbed his chin and said “Not bad”. “Great”, I thought to myself, “what exactly does that mean?”. Taking a look in the mirror on the wall filled me in. My nose is back straight again, and almost back to its original shape. There is still a slight bump on the bridge of my nose – some of which is swelling, which should continue to go down over the coming weeks.

Almost back to normal

Almost back to normal

I have been very impressed with how swiftly and effortlessly this has been dealt with – the NHS has come up trumps this time.

See you on the water soon!

The countdown has begun…

On Sunday 21st December 2008 I had a rather unfortunate incident at Hurley which resulted in a broken nose and fractured cheekbone.

Assessing the damage

Assessing the damage after hitting my face

On Monday I had my nose operated on to have it reset. I didn’t realise it was possible to have a plaster-cast on one’s nose!

Post-op on Monday morning

Post-op on Monday morning

The cast is due to come off on Tuesday 13th January, and I should be back in my boat from Sunday 8th February – well that is when I have my first to Hurley trip planned, so let’s hope there is enough water!